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We’ve proudly manufactured Ultra-Fin for over 25 years. Here are a few of our praises…

“It’s actually a modern implementation of an old way of installing radiant before the use of tubing.”

John Seigenthaler, Renowned Radiant Heating Engineer

“#1 Since 2003, 5-Star Rated”

“The Ultra-Fin radiant system requires fewer loops than a comparable staple-up system, saving time and money on installation.”

“The simplicity of the Ultra-Fin system is a big selling point for contractors. We use it a lot with retrofits in older homes because it’s easy to integrate with existing baseboard systems.”

Wayne Addy

“It’s a great product It eliminates a lot of the potential problems other radiant heating systems have, and it’s a lot easier to install.”

Scott Harrington, Harrington Plumbing and Heating