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UltraCalc™ is proprietary software available for computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system that will help you calculate both heat loss and necessary material required when installing an Ultra-Fin Radiant Floor Heating System.

Ultra-Fin is designed for a simple and efficient installation.

Many radiant heat systems require special engineering and hours of labor for installation. Floor structures have to be reinforced to support heavy concrete slabs, or hours of extra work are needed to secure the hot water tubing in precisely the correct orientation. Ultra-Fin® is much easier and faster to install.

With Ultra-Fin®, the tubing is simply suspended in the joist spaces beneath the floor, and the aluminum Ultra-Fins® are clipped on with a simple turnkey system. This makes installation easier and faster than most radiant heating systems. It also makes Ultra-Fin® ideal for retrofitting older homes and renovation projects with radiant heat.

Replace your existing hot water radiators with Ultra-Fin in a matter of hours,
at minimal cost.

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