the simplicity and comfort
of radiant floor heating

A Unique Solution in Radiant Floor Heating

This Ultra-Fin radiant floor heating system features a unique design that takes out the complexity and high cost from traditional radiant floor heating systems.

replace your existing hot water radiators with Ultra-Fin in a matter of hours,
at minimal cost

Why Ultra-Fin?

Comfort. Control. Simplicity. Efficiency.

















proven and trusted radiant floor heating

  • "Our firm has had terrific success after switching to Ultra-Fin Convection Plates several years ago in our daily In Floor Heating installations. We have found them cost effective, easy to install while still giving comfortable evenly heated floors especially in tight spaces and eliminate the noise and potential damage to tubing caused by screw or nail holes caused traditionally when other trades fasten the sub floor from above. Thanks for helping our business."

    Scott Atchison
  • “I’m very satisfied with the system, it’s a very even heat throughout the house, and there’s no cold spots. It’s very comfortable.”

    Jerry Caliendo, Orange County, NY
  • “We work in an industry that is surrounded by technology, Ultra-Fin is definitely an easy system to understand.”  

    Wayne Addy, T.S.E Electric & Plumbing Inc. Port Jarvis, NY
  • “We installed 26 heating zones and over 8000 feet of tubing in the house, we fired up a portion in October, and then we fired up the rest in December just before Christmas. After that, we were working in t-shirts all winter long. We weren’t even insulated – the house was basically wide open, just the windows in – and it just heated right up.”  

    Steven G. Pisauro Layton, NJ
  • “It’s a great product. It eliminates a lot of the potential problems other radiant heating systems have, and it’s a lot easier to install. The Ultra-Fin tech support is also excellent.”

    Scott Harrington, Bellows falls, VT
  • “We’ve installed the Ultra-fin system in 8 homes over the last four years and our customers really like it. It’s a nice, steady heat, and you don’t need any grills or ducts. Home owners like it because they can put their furniture anywhere they want.”  

    Rick Anderson (Rick’s Plumbing & Heating) Spooner, WI
  • “We installed nine zones in two days, using half the material of conventional radiant systems. More heat, less labour, simpler system. It doesn’t get any better than this”  

    Al Bruno (Bottini Fuels) Red Hook, NY
  • “I chose the Ultra-Fin heating system for our new home. The system was installed under three floor coverings; hardwood, ceramic tile, and linoleum. I am delighted to say the performance claims made by Ultra-Fin proved to be correct. After experiencing Ultra-Fin I would never consider any other system”  

    Michael S. Bailey Halifax, NS Canada
  • “I wouldn’t trade our Ultra-Fin system for anything we’ve had it for five years and it’s been great. It’s worked fine with our hardwood floors, and it’s definitely been cheaper for heat in the winter. In fact, we were comparing our heating costs with some neighbors who have different radiant systems, and our costs were about 30 percent less per day.”  

    Ken & Brenda Tamlin Lindsay, ON Canada

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