A Unique Solution in Radiant Floor Heating

Are you looking for energy efficiency, comfort and lifestyle? Radiant floor heating delivers it all.

Radiant floor heating systems vary according to installation method, heat source, cost and complexity. Ultra-Fin® is a leader in all of these areas.

Unique patented design

The Ultra-Fin Radiant Floor Heating System features a unique design that eliminates the complexity and high cost of traditional radiant floor heating systems. Ultra-Fin® provides huge cost savings in installation when compared to other systems, and Ultra-Fin® delivers faster response times and superior comfort during daily operation.

Easy installation

Many radiant heat systems require special engineering and hours of labor for installation. Floor structures have to be reinforced to support heavy concrete slabs, or hours of extra work are needed to secure the hot water tubing in precisely the correct orientation. Ultra-Fin® is much easier and faster to install.

With Ultra-Fin®, the tubing is simply suspended in the joist spaces beneath the floor, and the aluminum Ultra-Fins® are clipped on with a simple turnkey system. This makes installation easier and faster than most radiant heating systems. It also makes Ultra-Fin® ideal for retrofitting older homes and renovation projects with radiant heat.

Simple operation

Other hydronic radiant heat technologies rely on direct contact between hot water tubing and concrete slabs or metal transfer plates. This can present a minor hazard due to the tubing being in direct contact with your floor.

With Ultra-Fin® the heat from the hot water tubing is simply transferred to the louvered aluminum Ultra-Fins®, and the Ultra-Fins® generate hot air convection currents in the joist spaces. The heat then spreads naturally upwards and throughout the living space.

The Ultra-Fin® advantage

Even heat distribution, faster response times, superior comfort, and easy layout and zoning are the hallmarks of the Ultra-Fin Radiant Floor Heating System.