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4 Zone Valve Controller™ for Radiant Floor Heating


4 Zone Valve Controller Ultra-Fin’s 4 Zone Valve Controller™ dramatically simplifies the wiring for your hydronic radiant floor heating system’s zone valves. A single 4 Zone Valve Controller™ provides thermostat circuits for four radiant heat zones, and you can parallel-wire extra controllers to accommodate even more zones.

Simplified wiring
With the 4 Zone Valve Controller™, you don’t need zone valves with END switches because the END switch outputs are built into the controller. The controller also provides two additional outputs: one dry contact (normally used to activate the boiler) and one 24 VAC output that can drive any 24 volt AC activated relay, such as Ultra-Fin’s 24 VAC Relay™. This means you can intelligently activate system pumps or mixing valves when any thermostat circuit is calling for heat, as when your hydronic heating system comprises both low-temperature and high-temperature circuits.

Thermister circuits prevent water hammer
Are you getting water hammer in your hydronic heating system? The 4 Zone Valve Controller™ also provides an optional thermister circuit for each zone valve. If you have a motor-driven zone valve that is closing too fast and causing water hammer, you can activate its thermister circuit manually, independent of the other zone valves. The thermister circuit supplies just enough current to provide a 15-second braking action, slowing the closing of the valve and eliminating the water hammer.

Easy troubleshooting
The 4 Zone Valve Controller™ makes it easy to troubleshoot your radiant heat system. Simple indicator lights tell you key information at a glance: red lights on each heating circuit tell you which heat zones are active, and a single green light tells you tells you if the controller has power.

Remote transformer
If you want to power the 4 Zone Valve Controller™ remotely, or power multiple controllers in parallel with one large transformer, you can easily remove the transformer that comes inside the controller. Using the holes in the back of the controller’s housing, you then simply screw the controller to a mounting surface in a remote location, then run low voltage wire to the transformer elsewhere.

4 Zone Valve Controller™ specifications:

  • 24 volt AC 40VA transformer power supply.
  • 4 thermostat circuits for independent control of 4 zones.
  • Red indicator lights to signal which heating zones are active.
  • Green indicator light to signal if the controller has power.
  • Optional wiring for remote mounted transformer.
  • 4 thermister circuits for optional brake-action on up to 4 motor-driven zone valves.
  • Optional parallel wiring for extra 4 Zone Valve Controllers if more heating zones are required.




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